June 22, 2018

St Kilda Penguins

Not only can you dine, drink and shop in St Kilda. there's a colony of penguins that you can view. 

Thanks to Melbourne Playgrounds for this insight http://www.melbourneplaygrounds.com.au/index.php

"The St Kilda Breakwater which protects the harbour is home to a colony of around 1200 Little Penguins. 

If you go to St. Kilda Pier just before dusk you'll see the Fairy penguins swimming in at the end of the day and climbing the breakwater rocks into their nests. At the breakwater, walk along the gravel and then go down the wooden stairs.

Opening Hours:

The penguins can be seen all seasons throughout the year at dusk.


Free. There are volunteers who manage the crowds and answer any questions.


It seems amazing that there is a penguin colony in the middle of Melbourne but I have confirmed it with my own eyes. The number of penguins which you get a chance to see varies each night. Typically there might be 10 - 20 penguins which return to the nesting area accessible by visitors but the number could be much less. 

At the end of the St Kilda past the cafe is a rocky breakwater which leads down to a wooden jetty where people (mainly tourists) waited expectantly for the penguins to arrive. As it was becoming dark, some rangers came and found a few baby penguins in the rocks. The rangers were a rich source of information about the colony and penguins. 

The penguins tend to wait until it is dark before coming in from the water and so there is limited advantage to coming early and waiting. Flash photography is absolutely banned since the penguins don't have any eye lids and flash can cause epileptic fits. It is possible to bring a torch with red light or use an infrared light on your camera however."